"The famous psychiatrist Carl Jung spoke about the first half of life, during which you concentrate on establishing your existence in the outside world. He theorizes, once this is accomplished it is important to develop your inner life; the beginning of a spiritual quest and one’s search for meaning. At age forty-five I entered my second half of life and discovered poetry, and my capacity to feel humanity without trepidation. The language of poetry has allowed me to embrace the journey within myself, and traverse boundaries of the undiscovered self. I began opening up my heart to inspiration that risked leaving old ways of being. Shaking up one’s foundation can feel like you are living on the edge, risking everything familiar. Jung felt that as you commit yourself to the process of individuation, meaningful coincidences occur that are beyond cause and effect. As a result came many connections and memories that created a tapestry of words, expressing metaphors for life. This is the story of the Memory Man."

bookMemory Man One A collection of Donald Cohen's poetry from 1994 to 2000. To order for $14.95, please contact author Donald Cohen directly at 203-227-4780 or visit Main Street Rag Publishing Company. This volume is also available on CD at a cost of $20.00.

bookMemory Man TwoA collection of Donald Cohen's poetry from 2000 to 2004. To order for $14.95, please contact author Donald Cohen directly at 203-227-4780 or visit Main Street Rag Publishing Company. This volume is also available on CD at a cost of $20.00.

bookMemory Man ThreeA collection of Donald Cohen's poetry from 2004 to 2007. To order for $14.95, please contact author Donald Cohen directly at 203-227-4780 or visit Main Street Rag Publishing Company. This volume is also available on CD at a cost of $20.00.

bookGathering Seasons The most recent collection of Donald Cohen's poetry, Gathering Seasons is now available. To order for $14, please contact author Donald Cohen directly at 203-227-4780.


What we commit to memory, nine times out of ten becomes the world we live in. Donald Cohen’s world has become the words of his poetry, casting him in the lead role as "The Memory Man". Whether it's Damnation in litigation or the cyclonic turns learned through the relationships of Hurricane Larry, each poem is strikingly unique and crossover, reminding us that we’re all Sandals in the Sand. As a poet and equally as a conversationalist, "The Memory Man" is filled with years of one man’s journey but many people’s experiences. Donald Cohen takes the time to breathe, explore and reflect on life as he has seen it in an overproduced yet seduced society.
Gerald Isaac

Donald Cohen's "Memory Man" is a collection of heartfelt poems. They reflect the poet's insight into life and the human heart. His poetry tell stories about love and loss and speak directly to the reader, often drawing from nature. These works express the author's passion and the writing is inspirational. It is impressive to see this collection of poetry weave itself together into three volumes of poetry.
Writers Digest


bookMilo, My Stray Cat CD included with the book, features the story read by co-authors Donald Cohen and Gayle Gleckler. In addition, the original poem that inspired the story is set to music. To order for $14.95, please contact author Donald Cohen directly at 203-227-4780 or visit Atlas Books or call 1-800-BOOKLOG. Also available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon. A portion of the proceeds from this book will be donated to the Riedel and Cody Fund, www.cancerpets.org, a Fairfield based non-profit organization whose primary mission is to provide financial support to qualified owners of pets with cancer. Meet the authors of this new children's book and hear the story-behind-the-story of the real Milo, The Stray Cat by clicking on this link to YouTube.

Milo, The Stray Cat, wandered into young Donny's life and changed it forever. The two learn about love and responsibility of a growing relationship by needing and caring for each other. In "Milo, My Stray Cat", the first in a series of Milo books, Donny learns how much he loves Milo, and when he is lost how that love is deepened. Milo returns after Donny has realized that when you love someone, you need to let them be free to discover the world around them and themselves. Then they will stay with you because they want to, not because you own them. In each of the following books, there will be a theme to be experienced and learned through the eyes of Donny and Milo. Each book will deal with emotions and psychological feelings attached to real and important aspects of life. Children will be drawn in by this added richness. Parents will love these books because in addition to being fun and entertaining, they will assist them in teaching their children solid values and ethics.


This tender, inspirational children's book, Milo, My Stray Cat creates a sense of wonder between a young boy and his rescued stray cat. It teaches the important concepts of separation and reconnection; a part of growth and development in all children. This touching story with its interesting images and typography can help teach children to read as it helps them learn important lessons in how to love, and be responsible to a pet. Milo, My Stray Cat will help promote a warm bond within the family by showing how caring for a dear pet is similar to caring for each other. And this uniquely illustrated story will rekindle the "spirit of the child" within parents as they read it to their child.
Peter Czuczka, M.D.
Senior Pediatrician
Willows Pediatric Group
Westport, Connecticut


bookMy Father, My Son To order for $19.95, please contact author Donald Cohen directly at 203-227-4780. Co-authored by Dr. Max Cohen, M.D. and his son Dr. Donald Cohen, Ph.D., this project attempts to illuminate and reconstruct the history of their own personal relationship. "My Father, My Son" is presented through an exchange of letters written by the authors to one other.

In examining their relationship, one of the most revealing discoveries was how often their recollections about specific events were so vastly different. Through the letters gathered within these pages, each of the authors seeks to provide answers to questions posed by the other, while at the same time seeking to open up problem areas in an attempt to resolve long-standing conflicts. As each author is also a well-respected psychotherapist, readers will have the unique opportunity to experience both the personal and professional perspective, from both a parent's and a child's point of view.

As inspirational as it is informative, "My Father, My Son" focuses on the many ways and means of conflict resolution. In doing so, the book provides the reader with the opportunity to achieve a more meaningful understanding of one's own motivations in any relationship. The insight and sensitivity shown by the authors clarify what men experience as they are growing up, and what really goes on (at times unspoken) between father and son. The unique style and emotional content of the correspondence contained in "My Father, My Son" classifies this work as an educational love story. Balancing both a personal and professional examination of human relationships, Max Cohen and Donald Cohen look deep within themselves for answers (sometimes simply for areas of compromise). The end result is a timely and wisdom-filled exploration of the father-son relationship, as well as a more thorough glimpse into the male personality itself. Readers will come away with some effective tools to work with wherever and whenever they desire to improve an interpersonal relationship.


I have spent major chunks the last two days reading and rereading "My Father, My Son". I am so spent of emotion and energy because of the sledgehammer impact of your father’s, Jared’s and your words, feelings and thoughts. I want to lie down for perhaps ten years to rethink and relive your expressions. At the end of that time frame, I want to write my own book about my feelings for my father and his for me: about our relationship. But, in thinking of doing so, I realize that YOU have already done that for me and everyone else with either a father, mother, son, daughter, grandmother, grandfather, grandchild. Our background plots are different but the theme and feelings of ALL relationships are rooted in the soil of your relationship with your wonderful father, as so vividly captured in "My Father, My Son". The fears, hopes, love, losses, anger, forgiveness, insecurities, acceptance, growth, understanding and finally the COMMONALITY reflected in your lives tell the underlying truisms of all intimate relationships, especially parent and child. The problem with reading your book is that it’s impossible for any deep thinker or sensitive person to simply put it down. It is a life bible for people who care. It must be referred to again and again because so many answers to eternal questions are partially or near fully there to be discovered with each rereading. Thank you for three meaningful gifts: the book, Dee and our friendship.
Peter L.