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Memory Man Music

Now playing on our website, the newest single from Memory Man Music, "The Only". Also,"Star to Star" and "Foggy Night" by Memory Man Music can be heard on this website and purchased on itunes.

Memory Man Music is the production company of Donald Cohen and Jon Saxon. They produce songs for film, commercials, radio, and recording artists. Please contact for additional information. Visit youtube to hear Star to Star by clicking on this link YouTube or by clicking below.

The Only
Star to Star
Foggy Night

the GIVE

The songs "Tommy's Place" and "Foggy Night" are from the CD "the GIVE", produced by Donald Cohen and Jon Saxon; Music by Jon Saxon and Lyrics by Donald Cohen. To hear more tunes and/or to purchase "the GIVE" for $9.99 at iTunes, please click here.

Check back for their new CD, coming soon, "the GIVE - Live at the Acoustic Cafe".

A reviewer from the GIVE's debut acoustic album writes, "Perhaps one stumbles on a sliver of perfection by chance, or by mistake. No matter where people have found the GIVE, it has stuck true to its name and given its listeners a glimpse into an album that harkens to the deepest, most innocent parts of the human condition. From hauntingly simple and emotional songs headlined by the chilling 'Tommy's Place' and followed by 'Foggy Night', 'Look What I've Made' to insightful and lyrical ballads from 'Seven Years' to 'Lebanon' and 'Damnation', the GIVE captures something that can bring back even the most disillusioned person back to the simplistic beauty of the world." Visit the GIVE Band Website to learn more about the band.

The Give - Tommy's Place
The Give - Foggy Night
The Give Rough Mixes - Feeling The Fall
The Give Rough Mixes - Yes, But